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Our Learnchess Heroes Brand is designed for Primary school pupils. Encompassing all our key services, children are taught in a child-friendly manner. We adjust our language and techniques which helps every child develop at their own pace. Furthermore, we use video, tablets, and other materials, to help children understand concepts first, before making moves.

Why us? Because our LearnChess Heroes Team really does provide the ultimate chess experience, with the emphasis on putting children’s education at the centre of everything we do. In other words, we create brilliant chess players, but most importantly, we like to think that every child will use chess to hone their strategic and tactical skills, enabling them to become more thoughtful and diligent people.

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Schools within a 25-mile radius from our HQ can benefit from our Over-The-Board Chess experience. Using tablets and comprehensive materials, we combine contemporary and traditional coaching methods for all your students.

OTB: Rising Stars Tournaments

Our Own Brand Chess Competition. We run Term Tournaments for schools, where students can not only compete against each other but build bonds and bring them together. LCA provides amazing Trophies, Medals and Certificates.

OTB: LCA Enrichment Days

Enrichment Days provide Schools with the opportunity to try new activities that may not strictly fit into the curriculum. These develop character, resilience, and motivation, whilst encouraging students to pursue wider goals.

Virtual School Classrooms

Streaming straight into your school (at any time) our team can entertain an entire classroom with our fully interactive Coaching Management Platform. Ideal as a replacement to a Supply Teacher or as a regular Club style Session.

How Does It Work?

LearnChess Heroes is available to every Primary School pupil. We always provide FREE PASSES through our TASTER SESSIONS so children can experience what we offer before making the decision to join our classes. Once a convenient day and time has been arranged, The LCA Team will attend your school and deliver an amazing experience into the world of chess.

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Please note: this film was recorded before our rebrand to LearnChess Academy.

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What Our Clients Say

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“I look forward to chess club each week. The teachers are inspirational and always have a handful of tactics and checkmates to share.”
“Chess is relaxing and makes me think in different ways, which I really like. There is always something new to learn each week.”
“I like playing in the tournaments best and winning sweets and stickers!”

Three comments from 2 girls and a boy aged 8 to 11 – Coached at School Chess Club

I would like to recommend Learn Chess Academy to anyone who is considering chess lessons for their children. After relocating abroad, my son genuinely missed the LCA Team and started Online training instead. I have found online chess lessons have helped strengthen his focus. The team are incredibly patient and do an excellent job at making chess fun for children. Alex has also taken part in the larger Online Group Sessions which he found just as enjoyable.

Parent in Ireland – Online Coaching for Son

I really like my LearnChess lessons because Max is great. He teaches me new concepts and tactics and now I win more often than before and that feels good. Learning and playing chess online is a lot quicker too as Max puts pieces on the board in seconds. I also like the challenges and the fact that he stretches me.

Alex (Son of Parent - Ireland)

LearnChess Academy carries out on-screen visual training using coloured arrows and positional examples making it very appealing and fun for our son. He has learned how to play chess to a highly competitive level, gaining two top places in competitive play. Our thanks to the team for their in-depth chess knowledge, patience, positivity, and easy to understand coaching style. We highly recommend this company to everyone.

Aaron (Student’s Dad) – Son Coached Online and at School Chess Club

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